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Kyle London's Wedding Photography is an infusion of love & time, place & light.


Your Love Illuminated


This is your journey, your love & your wedding. I am there to document it for you, to let your story come to light.  I am honored knowing these images will be with you long after the wedding is over.


 Derived from the Greek roots φωτός (phōtos), "light" and γραφή (graphé) "drawing", together meaning
"drawing with light".



Wedding photography spans an entire day encompassing a wide array of available and artificial light. I am available to help you throughout the planning process and on the day of, I will use every technique I know to deliver the stunning wedding photos you are dreaming of.



My style bridges the light, airy imagery and the more dramatically lit, emotionally charged images.  You aren't just one emotion. You have depth and as such my work won't be limited to one look. I will let the energy of the day, the environment and your personalities guide me through the image making process. 



Throughout the day I strive to capture events as they unfold, but we will also step in and move you to just the right spot so the light we see can illuminate the beauty of the day and the love you share for each other.  


Love's In The Details

Every wedding consists of intricate details which offer tiny glimpses into the couples' personalities. Whether they hold admiration for timeless and classic elements of a wedding or modern and quirky, I will always find them and document these details in my photography. 


Surrounded By Love & Laughter

No wedding story is complete without your family and friends. It can be 5 people or 500 people, this is your community and I want to make sure the photos show how loved you are and all the laughs held in your honor, awkward dance moves, smiles shared and hugs cherished.


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Your wedding is a day spent surrounded by family and friends, filled with tender and intimate moments. As your photographer I want to fit into that emotional circle as naturally as possible.

That trust and relationship starts with a call or a click!

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I promise to leave the sales pitch out of it, this is just a chance for you to ask any and all questions. Everything begins with our personalities, so lets jab about our interests, coffee addictions, favorite hikes, our dogs and people we call family. Maybe even squeeze in some wedding planning advice, I have definitely learned a few dos & don'ts along the way.



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