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When it comes to wedding photography, I strive to not only show the fairytale moments of your meticulously planned day, but most importantly, those precise moments of beautiful chaos, unscripted joy and quirks that make your wedding uniquely yours.


We are used to flipping through the magazines and peaking on peoples instagram. We notice the serene and meticulous moments that encapsulate the couples love.  These photos are lovely, they deserve to be on your fireplace mantle but they aren't the only photos you should be expecting from your wedding photographer! The best wedding photographers know how to capture both.

The best shots are often the in between moments, little glimspes in time where people have forgotten the camera is pointed at them. The real smiles come out, the look of wonder and love shines through in the eyes or a groom rides on a metal horse!



I can't help but burst with joy when I am able to capture these kind of moments. With a background in Photojournalism, these  documentary style shots become my favorites from a wedding day. Properly documenting a wedding means being camera ready at all times, natural moments like these happen once then they are gone. Through a mixture of ample caffeine and a keen sense for the action, I aim to photograph as many moments like these as possible.

Weddings are Live events, and while I love working from your inspiration I can't guarantee any shot list.  I will be documenting the day as it unfolds, and the beauty of both the imperfections and perfections. If you hire me, my hope is you trust me to tell the story of your wedding day as it is, and if I am spending my time trying to arrange certain shots from a list I might end up missing something truly important and unique to your wedding.