Jacque & Chanel Santa Barbara Club Wedding

Jacque + Chanel's Santa Barbara Club Wedding

Jacque & Chanel threw an absolutely fabulous wedding at The Santa Barbara Club, and they just celebrated their one year wedding anniversary. I figured this was the perfect moment to take a look back at their wedding day. I am so thankful to work with couples like these two that know how to effortlessly blend the elegant with the downright fun! There wasn't a single soul that didn't jump on the dance floor, smile brightly and laugh whole heartedly throughout the day. 

It all came together with an A-list wedding team:

Venue: Santa Barbara Club -

Videographer: Agapé Films -

Florist: Sweet Pea Flowers -

Cake: Chooket - 

Dress Designer: Theia -

DJ: DJ Hecktik -

Dress Shop: Moondance Bridal -

Photographer: Kyle London -

5 Valentines Day Proposal Tips

5 Valentine's Day Proposal Tips

It's Valentine's Day, which means some of you out there are planning on popping champagne, and maybe THE QUESTION. I'm talking proposals people! I wanted to take a moment and share a few quick things from an dreamy proposal I shot this weekend. Let's jump right in.

1. The Roses

What's a proposal without the flowers? Don't be that person that forgets the Roses. Be like Stefan here. He brought all the roses.

How cute is this guy?!? Stefan is setting the bar high! 

How cute is this guy?!? Stefan is setting the bar high! 

2. The Surprise

 Stefan flew in from out of state to setup a scavenger hunt with the ultimate ending and Kimberly never saw it coming. A fun day with friends just kept getting better and better as each new twist started to point her in the direction of her boyfriend, the journey they had shared so far and hinting at what was waiting at the end. Remember, even if your partner knows the question is coming, some part of the fun and excitement comes from the surprise of it actually happening. You don't have to go all out, but make sure it's memorable. It would be pretty heartwarming to pull up to a beach and see this:


3. Get THE Shot

It doesn't have to be a pro, but it is so nice to have someone there that can take a photo (discretely) of the moment. It is so worth it to have the memory and be able to look back and bring back all the joy of the moment.



I think she's going to say yes.

I think she's going to say yes.

4. Include the Family

In some manner or another, it is always a good idea to include you and your partner's family. Even if they can't be there in the moment or right afterwards, these are the people you want to share this with!

It doesn't get much better than having your mom and dad there for a hug right afterwards.

It doesn't get much better than having your mom and dad there for a hug right afterwards.

5. Enjoy The Moment

This seems obvious, but before you get wrapped up in the celebration, insta-posts and texting everyone. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and hold each other.  This moment is about you two. Even though I was with Kimberly and Stefan, I made sure we snuck away from the family and asked them to take a moment like this, giving them privacy before we snapped more photos. 


Bonus: Champaigne!

How could anyone forget the bubbly?!? Remember the Bubbly. Then it's Official.


Now get out there and go get engaged to your best friend!


Here's the full shoot with Stefan + Kimberly.