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Born in the heart of Los Angeles, California I grew up with the beat of city life and all it's mix of beauty and concrete. After moving to Santa Barbara to attend UCSB, my heart just simply spilled open. Maybe it's being 2 minutes from the ocean & mountains at all times, the warm hearted people that call this place home,  the food (mostly tacos), the coffee, the wine from our valley or the constant state of near perfect weather, but I knew almost instantly this was home.

I am driven to share this euphoric outlook of life, home and love with those around me. In a world filled with trouble, it all seems so distant when I am surrounded by a couple joining together. There is hope in this world and I believe love is the driving force behind change. This is why I enjoy the small elopement in the woods as much as the huge wedding at the church. They each carry their own weight of two worlds coming together to create their own story, and it is immensely rewarding to craft and document those moments through my imagery. I will be smiling a lot on your wedding day.

Yeah, that;s me...a Ginger. 

Yeah, that;s me...a Ginger. 


Aside from shooting weddings, you can usually find me with a camera in one hand and coffee in the other. These days I am all about jumping in the ocean with my camera (with a really expensive water proof housing) and snapping photos of waves as the crash overhead, it's a great way to wake up!

I would love for you to take a look at my work on the left and if you want to see more work feel free to follow along through Instagram or my commercial photography website at www.kylelondon.photography


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She's pretty awesome, and of course she has her own instagram.

She's pretty awesome, and of course she has her own instagram.

Don't Worry, She Has An Instagram